The overall aims of the Village are to integrate Jewish youth from Israel and from the Diaspora, to absorb and support Youth Aliyah (immigration) and to instill Jewish and human values in all its students. The Village strives to enable its students to fully develop -academically, culturally and socially and at the same time guiding their growth as creative and independent individuals, as proud Jews and contributing members of society.


Originally on the outskirts of the city but now located in the very heart of Jerusalem, The Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village remains a beautiful oasis, preserving an atmosphere of greenery and peace. Its location affords its students the opportunity of experiencing the unique character and beauty of Jerusalem.


The Village, which served as one of Youth Aliyah’s absorption centers, was opened in 1949 with 40 orphaned survivors of the Holocaust and a small, dedicated staff.

Founded by Zeev Schikler, an officer of the "Haganah" who took part in the battle for Monastery Hill (on which the Village is located) during the war of independence in 1948, the Village expanded and flourished under his direction, until his untimely death in 1977. The Village was named in honor of the late Dr. Israel Goldstein, a prominent American rabbi, Zionist Leader and member of the executive committee of the Jewish Agency.


The facilities of the Village include several dormitories, a school building, infirmary, dining hall, library and a cultural center, as well as an auditorium, meeting and recreation rooms, a student lounge and a music center; a sports center including an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a multi-purpose sports field, a spacious, modern gymnasium and a physical fitness facility. The Village also maintains a plant nursery and limited lands for farming. A residence for the Village graduate lone soldiers is being planned. 


Throughout its existence, the Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village has been a warm and supportive home to thousands of youth who arrived from over 30 countries – from the East and the West.

Today's residential student-body of over 350 students includes a large contingent of new immigrants from the former Soviet Union, youngsters from France and Morocco, Ethiopians and Israeli-born youth from deprived socio-economic circumstances. In addition, approximately 100 teenagers from North America and Australia participate in short-term educational programs under the auspices of Ramah Camps in Israel and 200 students from Jerusalem and vicinity are enrolled at the Village as external students.

An extensive staff of educational, maintenance and administrative personnel attend to the needs of the youngsters. Many of the staff live within the Village so as to be always available to the students.

The establishment of the international meeting place for Jewish youth within a dynamic, educational community provides the opportunity to form friendships, reinforcing the common bond of shared Jewish identity and destiny, enabling mutual cultural integration and developing attributes of understanding and tolerance. The international congregation of youth at the Village stands out as the most striking and special aspect of its educational environment.


The educational framework at the Village is based on the three elementary principles of study, community and work.

The Youth Village provides a full junior and senior school academic education from the 7th through the 12th grades, preparing its students for matriculation. Sciences, humanities, sports, art, communication, agriculture, cinema and theater majors are offered. The foreign students at the Village supplement their general studies with courses in the Hebrew language, Jewish history, Judaism, Zionism and Modern Israel.  Frequent field trips throughout the country help familiarize them with their new homeland. 

A vast and varied program of extra-curricular clubs and courses are held in the afternoons and early evenings, including folk dancing, music lessons, theater, arts and crafts, Jewish tradition and sports.  The Village dance and music troupes perform extensively in Israel and abroad and our sports teams participate in competitions throughout the country.  The Village Remedial Learning Center provides extensive hours of private and group tutoring to all students who need extra help with their studies.

According to our ideology, work is an important value and, therefore, an integral part of the educational program of the Village, which involves all the students in responsible work positions in the areas of gardening and landscaping, kitchen and dining hall duty, office work and general maintenance and upkeep.

In addition to learning skills and molding creativity, this fosters the ideals of self-help, group cooperation and responsibility, instilling both individual pride in their accomplishments and group pride in the Village.