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Magshimim for Autistic Youth

“Magshimim”  - those who create reality, is a Hebrew term often used to refer to people who turn dreams and ideas into actuality.

Located in the Israel Goldstein Youth Village, “Magshimim” is a school for adults and children with various pervasive developmental disorders, such as autism, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, and others. Coming from all over Israel, our students spend long days, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at the Village. Also during the holidays, the participants enjoy the unique program we’ve created to serve them. The dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to make a real difference in their lives.

Since Magshimim began a communication classes in 2004, it has grown into a successful program for low functioning Autistic youths and young adults.


The program includes both cognitive learning, and promotion of reading, writing, communication skills, prevocational training, and daily living activities.


We have a large team of teachers, educators, therapists (occupational therapy, speech therapy, art therapy, music therapy, movement therapy, and others), professional teachers, teacher aides and “bnot sherut” (volunteers who are working in the school instead of army service). Because of the complexity of the work, there are two staff members for each student.


Integrating the students into community life of our youth village, and strive to help them participate appropriately is very important. Magshimim students share the dining room with the Village students, as well as the pool, sports fields and the music center hall. These activities provide important mentoring and educational opportunities. Magshimim students also participate in field trips and the numerous special occasions at the Village.

The Autistic students are trained in carpentry, pottery, art, and other areas, to help them prepare for jobs.

Costs: The Magshimim program has many urgent need, such as a bomb shelter ($100,000), special computers, a teachers' lounge, occupational therapy units, etc., all costs thousands of dollars.