Judy Segal's Tribute Dinner

The Village was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for Judy Segal on the occasion of her work anniversary, 35 years; wedding anniversary, 50 years; birthday, 70 years! Donations poured in and Judy's Dream - a residence for lone soldiers who are graduates of the Village - is now close to being fulfilled.

A dinner was held at the Village in Judy's honor. Family, friends and colleagues filled the Village's over-sized dining room to capacity and all stops were pulled out by the students, faculty and staff.

Almost 200 guests sat down to an excellent dinner. Director Pini Cohen greeted the guests, praised Judy's devotion to the Village and announced that the donations had exceeded all expectations. Rabbi Benjy Segal, Judy's husband of 50 years, talked about his wife's boundless energy,  versatility and love for her family, friends and work. Also invited to extend their love and best wishes were
Judy's daughter Elana and 15 of her 16 grandchildren. 

The Village students then launched an extravaganza that amazed and delighted everyone present. The orchestra was on top form and the soloists were magical. The very talented Village dance group put on a superb display of traditional Israeli dancing and social dancing which has become very popular here.

The evening ended with Israeli dancing for all. Almost everyone, family, friends and staff leaped to their feet and encircled Judy with love and appreciation. 

If you have not donated yet to Judy's Dream, please join us by clicking the red donation 'heart' on the far right column of this page. It is not too late to make a difference.