About Judy...

Judy began working at the Village in 1980 and created the Village’s development strategy. She is unswervingly dedicated to the Goldstein Youth Village, a professional of the utmost integrity who cares deeply about our young students. During the 35 years she has worked here she dedicated herself to raising millions of dollars to ensure that the youth of the Goldstein Village are cared for and thrive. She worked hard to fund a music center, construct new dorms, supported special programs for our young people with severe autism and raised funds that contributed to hundreds of other important and much-needed Village projects.

Apart from the Village, Judy is devoted to her husband, children and sixteen grandchildren. She also tries never to miss her weekly Israeli folk dancing sessions!

Please join Judy’s family and friends as we celebrate her devotion to the Village on December 28, 2014. Whether or not you can attend, please help us to honor Judy by helping to fulfil.........


The Israel Goldstein Youth Village is extremely proud that upon graduation almost 100% of its graduates are inducted in the Israel Defense Forces. Many of our Village graduates are living in Israel alone. After spending years in a warm, encouraging atmosphere surrounded by their friends, they are suddenly on their own when they most need our support - both practical and emotional.

We have plans to build a residence for our lone soldiers, providing a room, warm meals, laundry facilities, a caring staff person and a welcoming peer group. While they serve their country, our soldiers can remain within the Village family and still feel part of what has been, for many, their first and only home in Israel.

Judy has had a very close relationship with many of the Village graduates and currently a Village lone soldier is living with Judy and her husband Benjy.

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