We Will Share With You.....

A rare opportunity to meet new immigrant children from all over the world (currently a large proportion escaping anti-Semitism in France and the Ukraine) who have come to Israel without their families - and are studying, working and playing together.

Explore our beautiful campus, an oasis in the heart of Jerusalem. Including a small pet corner, water gardens, memorial to students who fell in the line of duty, music and aquatic center.

                 Marvel at how we are able to integrate children with severe autism into the Village - - unique within Israel
     What We Can Provide

Tour of campus

Refreshments and/or meal for entire group

Hear individual stories of the young people. Airlifting all the children of Sarajevo to the Village. Rescuing Israeli children at risk.  How we have worked with children fleeing anti-Semitism. Our latest projects – building a home for our lone soldiers. An army Mechina and Netiv Course for young people from the Youth Villages around the country

Panel of students. Questions and answers.

Meet the Staff and Director. What is the history of the Youth Village? What are the aims/goals? How do you provide a home from home for so many children. How are you unique (pluralistic, integration of children with special needs, most liberal conversion program recognized by the Rabbinate. Our children love to perform for visitors if there is time. Outstanding dance troupe and orchestra. Also, musical soloists.

       What You Will Learn….

  • ·    Zionism in action! Almost all our graduates enter the IDF and receive a strong Zionist education. Be amazed that no matter what language our students speak, they all take their matriculation exams in Hebrew.
  • ·     Pluralism in action!. Serving religious and secular youth. Children from religious and secular backgrounds learning together
  • ·    Excellence in learning. Committed, outstanding, nurturing staff.
  •     Extra-curricular activities designed to enhance the lives of our young residents.

Perfect Location….

*Convenient. No need to travel long distances

Most groups come to Jerusalem. We are only 5-10 minutes from the city center**

Secure. Far from Gaza or Northern border. Unlikely that you will have to reschedule.


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